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Learn to Meditate


Shelley carefully tailors her sessions to create an individual experience  to suit each persons requirements and needs. She teaches a variety of simple tools and techniques systematically drawing off  her many years of experience.

Each session is carefully designed to teach a daily home practice, After each session the student will be given a home sheet to practice. (recommended course of 4 sessions)


"Thanks to Shelley meditation is now part of my daily life. I now feel better equipped to deal with the big surprises life throws in my path. The tools and techniques Shelley has taught me have allowed me to keep my anxiety in check". Sara

Offered in and around the London area Home visits, Workplace, and via Skype, convenient and accessible.

For further information please contact:


Mobile: 07956343140

Benefits of Meditation:
Stress and Tension release in the mind and body

Assists in lowering blood pressure

Deepens the flow of breath
Improved energy and stamina

Clearer focused mind

Increased intuition

A positive mind

A feeling of inner calm
 and peace
Helps with depression

Strengthens well-being

More recently in this country the NHS are suggesting for GPs to recommend meditation to their patience suffering with depression. The NHS guidance suggests that it could halve depression relapse rates. Mental health specialists have said that greater use of meditation would reduce an over-reliance on anti-depressant 


What is meditation?

Meditation is an experience of being aware in a peaceful state, a practice which offers individuals the opportunity to calm the mind, relax the central nervous system and reconnect with themselves.
Meditation calms the brain waves promoting a sense of inner peace and well-being. It allows us to access a naturally-occurring resting place. Encouraging the thoughts/mind to be in the present moment while remaining awake and aware.

Why meditate? 

In the fast pace of life we live in there is a problem of over active minds, this can lead to high levels of stress in the body and lower the immune system which can lead to stress related illnesses. The present moment is a place that most people's minds rarely experience. The mind is cluttered with either thoughts of the past which brings up uncomfortable feelings and thoughts of regret and frustration. Or thoughts of the future planning and worrying for the future which brings up feelings of anxiety and fear so the present moment is always lost. By using a blend of carefully designed skills and techniques to invite the mind to focus on the here and now, the mind begins to be calmer and the body is free to relax and with regular practice a sense of inner peace is experienced.



HomeLearn to MeditateBenefits of YogaPrivate SessionsLight at the end of the tunnelRecommendations 7 morning ritualsAbout ShelleyContact